Design-Build Process OR Single Source Responsibility :


  • Early Knowledge of Firm Costs: Construction costs are known far earlier than in other delivery systems.  The entity responsible for design is simultaneously estimating construction costs and can accurately conceptualize the complete project.  Staged contracting for design/build services affords the client on or more “go, no-go” decision points during design.  The decision to proceed with the project is made before substantial design expenditure and with firm knowledge of final costs.


  • One source of responsibility: With both design and construction in the hands of a single entity, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence.  The design-builder is motivated to deliver a successful project by fulfilling multiple parallel objectives including aesthetics and functional quality, budget, and schedule for timely completion.  With design-build, the client is able to focus on scope/needs definition and timely decision-making, rather than coordination between designer and builder.


  • The project is people and relationship driven versus document driven.  There is a team approach from the design through the construction process.


  • Cost Savings:  can be achieved through the evaluation of the materials and methods that may be used and which may be more efficient and accurate.


  • Time Savings:  because the bidding periods and redesign are eliminated and the construction and design are overlapped, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced.


  • Quality Control and Improved Risk Management: Performance aspects of cost, schedule, and quality are clearly defined and responsibilities/risks are appropriately balanced.  Change orders due to “error and omissions” are virtually eliminated, because the design/builder has responsibility for developing drawings and specifications as well as constructing a fully-functioning project.



Why should I choose L.H. Tanner Construction to be my Design Build Contractor?


  • L. H. Tanner Construction has designed and built both residential and commercial projects throughout Brevard County.  These projects include bathroom and kitchen designs to complete interior renovations and additions.  Other design build projects include complete site work projects.


  • There is nothing cheap about our methods.  Our methods provide the best value for our clients for the money that is spent. We understand the true meaning of value engineering.


  • Due to the extensive experience L.H. Tanner Construction has in all of the areas of construction including site work, we can come up with the design and the means of construction based on the existing site conditions and our client needs and budget.  We do not overdesign or overbuild if it is not necessary.  We believe in listening to our client.


  • Our main focus is that through our process, our reputation is enhanced with every interaction we have with our clients.  We want to develop a relationship with the client  and based on their experience with L.H. Tanner Construction recommend us to others.


  • We will provide you with a project manager right from the beginning of the process.  We are going to invest one of our personnel’s time into the project.  We know that the work that we do is in the interest of our client and it will not be taken from us to be bid out against us.  We work on behalf of the client throughout the entire process.