Prepare for Growth in a Brevard’s Booming Business Climate: 3 Construction-based Solutions for Managing Growth

Is your business growing?

Are you ready for a space upgrade to create more room for your booming enterprise? Now is the time to think about ways to make that happen. Here are three construction-based solutions to help you manage your business growth and Build Value That Lasts.

Remodel or renovate your office space 

Has your team outgrown its office space? Our team specializes in business-enhancing options, such as, new construction, alterations, and remodeling of everything from office space and retail spaces to industrial or manufacturing facilities. Whether it’s building a new wing that encourages more workplace collaboration,  remodeling the office amenities, or expanding the parking lot, we keep our clients’ desires in mind to create a plan that satisfies their every need.

Commercial build outs mean customized solutions  

Is your operation expanding and you’re looking to build a second location? Is your dream to open a gym finally becoming a reality? L.H. Tanner specializes in custom commercial solutions to take your business to the next level.  We can modify your existing space without ever breaking out a shovel. Our team of certified general contractors serve all of Central Florida. We bring project visions to life using our functional Plan-Build concept and extensive knowledge, to help you design the most functional space for you and your team.

Break new ground with new construction  

Whether it’s a new wing at your healthcare facility, a municipal park project, an office complex or a sleek new drive-through for your coffee shop – you can count on to L.H. Tanner for your new construction needs. Remember, new construction doesn’t always mean taking on a project from site development to signage (though we do that too!). Often, building a commercial addition onto your existing space is an even more effective solution for solving your need for more space.

We are dedicated to providing superior quality with the finest materials. Let us work hard for you to ensure your project is started and completed on time and on budget.

Visit our website, or give us a call at 321.259.8099. We look forward to serving you!

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