Flex space versus traditional office space

When deciding to build commercial office space, you must consider whether you want to build a traditional office space versus utilizing more a modern flex space model.


Traditional office space is often what people think of when they imagine an office building with its shared lobby area and shared hallways, elevators, and bathrooms. Flex space is more flexible, hence its name, and is comprised of offices built out in a larger industrial or warehouse facility. Each type of construction has its benefits and drawbacks, both of which are often dependent on the needs of the company occupying it.


Many factors will influence which type of building you decide to build. Do you want your office in a commercial area or an area that is more industrial? Zoning laws must be taken into account since flex space is located within a larger manufacturing or warehouse space, which generally cannot be built in the same area as a commercial office building. Warehouses tend to take up a bigger footprint than office buildings and require more land but allow the business side of a company to stay in close proximity to it’s industrial side.


Once the flex space versus office choice has been made, designing and building decisions come next. Flex space is generally a single story building with much higher ceilings than a typical office would have and built using different construction methods. Choosing a contractor familiar with the type of construction needed for your building is imperative to make sure your design needs are met and your building is solidly built.

A good construction contractor will work to fulfill your company’s unique needs and won’t try to force you into a cookie cutter plan that prevents you from utilizing your space in the best way possible. Before hiring anyone, ask about their previous builds to make sure they are experienced and also discuss your requirements to see what ideas they have for meeting them.

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