Functional Home Design

When most people think of their dream home, they imagine what it will look like. Most don’t daydream about how well they will function in the space, but they should. Having a beautiful home doesn’t do you much good if you can’t get things done or relax comfortably in it. 

Sleek lines and all white surfaces don’t always work out so well if you have children or pets, just like warmly appointed spaces with small rooms  won’t work for someone who gets anxious with too many walls closing in on them. Designing a functional space should come first and making that space beautiful should come second, however, neither step should be skipped altogether. 

When designing your space, think about how you want to use each area. Be intentional and honest with yourself about how you live your life. A chef’s kitchen is lovely but not the best use of money if you live on microwave dinners and take out. Putting in a giant jetted bathtub may seem like a great option until you realize you can’t actually reach across it to bathe your children or your pets. Look at the space you want to build or renovate, consider the people you will share that space with, and make one list of necessities and another list of “would be nice” options so you know where to prioritize when making decisions. 

A well designed floor plan with solid consideration of how a room should flow is far more valuable over time than a ton of trendy accessories. Keep in mind as you choose design elements that trends can end in a flash, so you don’t want to end up with a design that looks tacky or outdated in a year. Just ask anybody who grew up with avocado green appliances how well those aged over time! A design focused on function will not go out of style, which means that if you ever need to sell your home, your home will be more valuable than one full of trends from years past. 

Relying on their many years of experience, L.H. Tanner Construction will successfully guide you in designing a space that is not only beautiful, but more importantly, functional for the life you live every day. 

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