Garage Upgrading

Whether you’re building new or renovating your existing home, designing your dream home doesn’t have to stop with just a fabulous kitchen and exquisite bathrooms. Your garage should also meet the needs of your family, as well as those of your favorite hobby. There are many ways to upgrade your garage to make it a more useful and livable part of your home.

Garage Doors

Upgrading your garage door can completely change the look of your house. Modern doors range from sleek glass to fiberglass made to look like rustic wood. Changing your garage door from a boring, plain door to one with more style will upgrade the outside design of your home. Inside your garage, you can continue the upgrade by installing a new garage door opener.

Safety Features

Today’s openers are quieter than models from years past and offer capabilities ranging from battery backup to allow the door to still open during a power outage to wifi functionality that allows you to remotely operate your door from your phone. Safety features, such as sensors that keep the door from closing on something or someone, give you peace of mind that your kids and pets will remain safe even if the person pushing the remote to close the door doesn’t see them.


Once you’ve improved how you access your space, better lighting and insulation will make working on projects more comfortable. Putting in energy efficient LED task lighting over areas like the door into your house or your work area makes it easier to see and work. Applying a nonslip, durable floor coating will make cleaning up spills easier and working on projects safer.


Adding built in shelves or cabinets will help organize all the items that find their way to the garage for storage. Lockers make a statement while also providing storage for sports equipment whereas a workbench with pegboard can help organize tools while keeping them handy for quick access. There are even storage systems that take hang from the ceiling to take advantage of overlooked space.


Creating a mudroom area by the entrance into the house can add a touch of style to your garage, while providing quickly accessible storage to items you need to find often, like backpacks, jackets, and shoes.

With all these upgrades, you will feel like you’ve expanded your home because you’ve gained so much usable space without having to knock out any walls or expand your foundation.

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