Meet The Tanners

“Each and every project must leave a lasting impression of value, making L.H. Tanner Construction the client’s choice as the reliable solution for their needs.”
Lawrence (GM) & Holly (President)

Lawrence (GM) & Holly (President)

Born and raised in the construction business, Lawrence’s mother and father were successful contractors. Lawrence spent his early years watching over his parents’ shoulders learning by observing.

As a teenager, Lawrence was accomplished in carpentry and roofing and had a basic understanding of concrete techniques. At age 19, Lawrence was hired as a finish carpenter and worked as the direct assistant to a general contractor specializing in custom modifications of mansions.

During his early twenties, he started a carpentry business specializing in the construction of roof structures. At age twenty-four, he expanded the scope of his services to include complete restoration of homes and office buildings.

In 1997, Lawrence passed the Commercial Building Contractors Exam upon his first attempt and formed L.H. Tanner Construction Corporation. In 2004, he upgraded his license by successfully completing the General Contractors Exam on the first attempt.

From 1997 to the present time, Lawrence has been and is currently the General Manager of L.H. Tanner Construction Corporation, Melbourne, FL. L.H. Tanner Construction has completed jobs of all scopes and sizes, including acclaimed vertical construction in the areas of renovation, award winning historical restoration, commercial, retail, industrial, banks, nationally recofnized fitness centers, and residential construction with over five hundred satisfied customers. In 2001, he expanded L.H. Tanner Construction to encompass site development. This division has built everything from city streets, public parks, and parking lots to finish piers and shoreline restorations.

In 2001, Lawrence married Holly and she became involved in the construction company. At first, she learned about the basics of construction and running a construction company. With time and experience, she became an integral part of the construction company in terms of the business development, daily operations, customer care, and marketing. She became President of the company and has been working side by side Lawrence ever since. They recognize the importance of not only taking care of their clients but also taking care of their employees and what the meaning of hard work and dedication is.