Plan-Build Method


What is the Plan-Build Method?

● Plan-Build is our system of Project Delivery which is a comprehensive process to include the planning and construction required to carry out and complete your project.

● Plan-Build is where one entity, the contractor enters into a single contract with the owner to provide both the planning and construction services.

● Our Plan-Build Method has one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion by one entity.

● By streamlining the project delivery system though our Plan-Build Method, the project will be completed faster, more cost effectively, and with improved project quality and success.

● Other traditional forms of project delivery, the plans may not be sufficient to bid or build and disputes will arise along with cost overruns.

● Our Plan-Build Method is comparable to the Master Builder as we read in the ancient times where the Master Builder embodied all three disciplines of a contractor, architect, and engineer when building the great architectural wonders of the world that we still see.

● The Plan-Build Method is a collaborative process between the owner and the contractor from the very beginning of the planning stage. This creates the power of a team that is more engaged to deliver the project faster, better, and the best value for the money, time, and effort invested.