Outdoor Living Spaces

Florida’s sunshine and warm weather just beg for people to spend time outdoors. Creating beautiful outdoor living spaces can maximize your time spent enjoying the magnificent Florida climate. But, what kind of space is right for your home? Let’s compare a few different types of outdoor living spaces to help you decide.


A porch is an roofed extension along one side of a house. Porches may have railings, columns, or screened walls that tie into the overall structure of the house. In many parts of the South, a porch will often be called a veranda. Porches are great places for rocking chairs or swings.


A patio is a paved area, generally adjacent to the home, with no overhead covering. Paving materials can range from natural materials like stone to man made bricks or pavers. Generally, patios are used for entertaining or dining. Outdoor kitchens make great additions to patios to fully maximize their entertaining potential.


A deck is an flat platform structure, often elevated or tiered, built from lumber or a lumber substitute such as composite decking. Decks can have built in seating and generally have a railing for safety, especially those elevated more than a couple of inches off the ground. Because decks can be multi-leveled, they are great for using as multi use spaces for grilling, entertaining, and just hanging out. Higher elevated decks can even double as roofs for children’s play areas underneath!


A pergola is an open rafter type structure. Used to create partial shade or to support vining plants, pergolas can be built over a patio or a deck to add visual interest and some protection from the sun. Generally free standing, they can be tied into the walls of the house and greatly vary in size.

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