Three Generations of Custom Building in Central Florida

For the Tanner Family, construction in Central Florida is a three-generation legacy.

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time again to share appreciation for the fathers who’ve played a role in our lives. At the offices of L.H. Tanner Construction, the holiday serves a dual purpose. In addition to being a celebration of fatherhood, Father’s Day also provides an opportunity to recognize the Tanner family’s three generation history as Central Florida builders.

The history of the Tanner family dates back to east Orlando’s earliest days. The family was reported to be only the second family settled in the town of Christmas, FL, and includes a long line of carpenters and other skilled tradesmen.

Lead by example

Larry and Bettie Tanner, parents of L.H. Tanner co-owner Lawrence Tanner, got their start building custom homes in the Lake Washington area of Melbourne in 1975. Young Lawrence was immersed completely in the family construction business, and went on to pursue a career as a general contractor early in adulthood.

“They are a family of doers,” said Holly Tanner, co-owner of L.H. Tanner, and wife to Lawrence. “When Larry wants something, he builds it. Boats, houses, workshops, cars, vehicles — you name it.”

The next generation

According to Holly, her and Lawrence’s children have practically grown up “on the job site”. From a young age, both were tasked with helping to clean up on the job site, often picking up remnants and sorting supplies.

“They probably spent more time Home Depot than they did on the playground!” said Holly.

Now an owner himself, Lawrence Tanner is setting a constructive example for his own son, Joshua. A young adult, Joshua now works with his father at L.H. Tanner Construction full time, where he’s busy learning the various trades. The hope is that one day, under the mentorship of his father and grandfather, Joshua will become the third generation of the Tanner family to run a construction business.

Learn more about Holly and Lawrence Tanner. 

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