Marine, Seawalls, & Docks

L.H. Tanner Construction creates waterfront settings to fit our client’s needs and desires. Our highly qualified team has more than 20 years of experience in providing marine construction services in Florida. We understand the unique environmental and structural concerns that our clients must deal with. Our team has experience in the design and construction of docks, seawalls, and other marine construction projects. We plan and build our projects based on the value that they will bring to our clients and their property.

Using our plan-design-build methodology, we will do an initial consultation to learn the goals and objectives for the project. Our team will then put together a plan based on your goals, objectives, timeframe, and budget.

Once we have a preliminary idea of the project details, we will enter into our Plan-Design-Build agreement. As part of this agreement, the following will occur:

● In-depth meeting with you to discuss goals and objectives
● A comprehensive needs analysis
● Current conditions analysis and/or measurements
● Estimating to determine the cost of the project
● Detailed drawings
● Permits
● Construction of your project

Contact us today to begin your marine construction project.