L.H. Tanner Construction is a full-service general contracting firm that provides planning and construction services from one source. With our process, we listen to your ideas and needs, then we develop a plan while concurrently estimating the cost for construction. We execute the construction in the final phase. We will work with you hand in hand from concept to completion. L.H. Tanner Construction embodies the Master Builder concept, in which one entity delivers the planning and construction as integrated services.
Most general contracting firms are considered more paper contracting firms, meaning they are construction managers. We are not paper contractors. We have our own employees who have multi-trade specialties and we use licensed subcontractors in those areas where we do not construct. Overall, we provide better quality and value for the client on each project.
No, you do not have to have any plans drawn up before meeting us. We will listen to your ideas and then work with you on your plan. But if you have drawings, we will be glad to look at them with you and see how we can help.
Through our experience with clients and construction, we discovered that several of our clients had hit roadblocks. Some were not able to afford to build what was drawn, while others were not able to build what was drawn due to existing conditions or other construction parameters. Our clients were losing valuable time and money because of these issues. We wanted to best serve our clients by making sure they could get a quality product that was not only buildable but also affordable. We created our Plan-Build Process so that we are one entity working with the client from the beginning through the planning and estimating phase. This is where we make sure it is what the client wants and the client is aware of the cost of the project to allow for budgeting. Finally, once the construction documents are completed, we proceed to the construction phase were all of the planning comes to fruition.
We have been in business since 1997. Lawrence Tanner, the general contractor and master builder, comes from a long lineage of master builders and carpenters. He began L.H. Tanner Construction in 1997 and has built all types of projects from complete business and home remodels and build-outs to large site-work projects and sidewalks for municipalities and private owners. We have built new commercial and residential structures and constructed seawalls and large stabilization projects. Most of our clients are repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. With all of this being said, our company has extensive experience in all phases of construction from the dirt work and underground utilities to the construction of the building itself.
L.H. Tanner Construction constructs new commercial buildings, build-outs of existing interior spaces, large residential renovations, residential additions and garages, all phases of site development, and seawall construction and stabilization.
Call 321-259-8099, email admin@lhtanner.com, or fill out our Contact Form. Our office administrator will receive your initial information and notify our client care coordinator. Our client care coordinator will call you and speak to you regarding your construction needs and your project.
We introduced commercial Pre-Lease and Pre-Purchase Services to assist our clients from making some potentially expensive decisions. We had several clients enter into a lease or purchase deal before having L.H. Tanner look at the space or lot. After they had signed, the clients contacted us to look at the space. At this point, they had no negotiation strategy in regard to repairs, tenant improvement money, and/or rent. Our clients were then responsible for repairs, had to start paying rent before they could open their business, or they found out they could not open their business in the space leased or purchased. We realized that this service is needed to prevent clients from making costly mistakes and to assist them in the planning stage, which also builds in room for negotiations. We provide an inspection service with your potential project in mind as we are assessing how the property may fit your needs.