Luxury Home Remodels

L.H. Tanner Construction is your complete luxury home remodeling expert. We will transform and improve your home to create a living space that better serves your family’s lifestyle. Our experts specialize in large-scale home remodeling, exterior remodeling, and home makeovers. We provide high quality craftsmanship to create beautiful, long-lasting, and highly functional living spaces. Our passion for excellence shows in our work.

With our plan-design-build methodology, home remodeling projects are completed in the most efficient manner. Our goal is to provide value to our customer by building what they want within a budget they can afford, without sacrificing quality. We do this by carefully listening to clients and providing solutions through our planning and design phases.

L.H. Tanner Construction will do an initial consultation with the owner(s) to learn the goals and objectives for the project. The client will describe their vision for the desired outcome while providing us a budget and timeframe. Our team will then put together a plan based on the client’s needs and objectives. It is customary that we will provide a ballpark estimate and enter into the Plan-Design-Build Agreement during the planning and early design phases. Our creativity and extensive experience help make dreams come to life.

As part of our Plan-Design-Build agreement, the following will occur:

● In-depth meeting with you to discuss goals and objectives
● A comprehensive needs analysis
● Current conditions analysis and/or measurements
● Estimating to determine the cost of the project
● Detailed drawings
● Permits
● Construction of your project

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