How to Choose a Construction Company

Beginning a construction project can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t choose the right company to work with.  It’s important to look at a couple different areas when choosing who to trust with your construction project. Everybody knows that they need to choose a company that will be able to work within their budget but what other factors should you look for?  

Insurance and Licensing

Choosing a company that is licensed and insured is critical. Unlicensed contractors can not only do a subpar job but leave you liable if anything should go wrong. Licensed contractors are required to have insurance to cover expenses if an accident occurs. If something happens to an employee of an unlicensed contractor, you as the homeowner could be sued for damages. Save yourself the hassle and expense of this possibility by only working with licensed and insured contractors. Although requirements vary by state, general contractors in the state of Florida are required to be licensed. L.H. Tanner is a Certified General Contractor for the State of Florida (license # CGC1511228) and fully insured to give their clients peace of mind.

Experience and References

Julius Caesar once said, “Experience is the teacher of all things.” He may as well have been talking about construction because he could not have been more correct. Choosing an experienced construction company is vital to making sure your project is going to go as planned. There is no substitute for the lessons learned from experience. Having a company that is capable and knowledgeable will make your project easier on you as a homeowner. Experience also lends itself to being able to produce references from past clients. Any company with the experience needed to complete your job should be able to point you towards past projects and reviews of their work on them. Established in 1997, L.H. Tanner certainly has the experience necessary to complete your job. With over 20 years of local experience, they are knowledgeable about every facet of doing construction in Brevard County. Past clients include multiple municipalities, such as the cities of Melbourne and Sebastian, as well as the town of Palm Shores. They are members of both the Melbourne Regional and Palm Bay Chambers of Commerce and pride themselves on their commitment to the community they live in. 


Being able to tell you how long your project should take, when to expect certain portions to be complete, and meeting those predictions with reasonable accuracy is also incredibly important. Beware of any company that makes promises that seem to be good to be true about how quickly they can get your project accomplished. Quality construction cannot be rushed. Taking shortcuts to reduce the amount of time spent on your project can result in subpar results and possibly even safety concerns. Being able to accurately predict how long a project will take is also tied into the having enough experience to know how long each phase of your project will last. Because L.H. Tanner provides everything from planning to building in house, they can easily give you a reasonable timeline for your project. 

Overall, choosing an experienced, trustworthy construction company is the only way to ensure that you have a positive outcome in your project. L.H. Tanner stands out from the crowd with their excellent safety record and over 20 years of local building knowledge. They provide services from initial planning to pulling permits to finishing your build and giving you the satisfaction of a job well done. 

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