Kitchen Trends – 2019

The trend in kitchen design has been decidedly farmhouse for the past several years. Shiplap, subway tiles, and white cabinets have been dominating kitchen design for a while now but design trends are starting to move towards more color and making more of a statement in your kitchen. Here are some kitchen trends heating up kitchens in 2019.

Colored cabinets
Although white cabinets have been on trend for a while now, colored cabinets have started appearing in more and more kitchens today. Ranging from dark colors, like hunter green, to eye popping brights, like electric blue, colored cabinets are making kitchens less sterile and more welcoming. 

Reimagined backsplashes
Backsplashes are coming into their own as a big way to decorate in the kitchen. Instead of just covering the space between counters and upper cabinets, they are getting taller, being made of new and interesting materials, like stone or reclaimed wood, and shining through as the backdrop for another hot trend, open shelving. Some backsplashes even go all the way to the ceiling and have a shelf or ledge built in to display items without breaking up the space with other shelves.

Storage walls
Traditional kitchens have upper and lower cabinets but with the trend of open shelving coming into prominence, people have had to get creative with how to store those items they don’t want to display. Full wall, concealed storage cabinets that resemble a regular wall at first glance have solved that problem by keeping kitchens functional without letting items that need to be stored clutter the lines. 

Statement pieces
Although integrating or concealing appliances and vent hoods is a continuing trend, statement appliances and vent hoods are also trending. Beautiful pieces that look like art but serve a functional purpose are making a big impact and adding visual stimulation in otherwise serene spaces. 

Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen to meet today’s trends or to just be more functional for your family, L.H. Tanner can help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams. 

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