Update While You Wait to Renovate

Renovations offer big results but often come at a big cost and can cause a big mess in the process. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to make some changes around your house while you save up for a major renovation or wait until a better time for your home to be ripped apart. Small updates can add up to big results without all the headaches of big projects.

Keep it simple

The easiest way to start making small changes with big impact is to look around your space and determine what aesthetic you are going for and then figure out what changes you need to make to get there. Think about what approach you need to take to make your home look more like you want it to look. Bright, airy spaces require lively colors and cheerful artwork, while than cozy, private spaces are generally better off with muted tones and cushy fabrics. Starting with something as small, like changing out the throw rug, can begin to make your space better fit your vision. 

Keep it light

One way you can update your space is to change out the lighting. Have you ever walked into a space, looked at the light fixture, and known exactly what era the house was built? Lighting trends can change quickly, which may have left your home looking dated and old fashioned. Changing out lighting fixtures to more modern designs can make your space go from looking tired and old to fresh and new with the flip of a switch. Adding task lighting or accent lights in the form of floor or table lamps can brighten up a space without having to have any electrical know how other than plugging in a cord. Quick and easy, but with a big impact!

Try some texture

Changing up your walls, either through paint or wallpaper, can also add some style to your current space. Simply painting one accent wall can change the mood of an entire room. Adding some bright sunny color will make a space feel more fun, while choosing a soothing shade can give off a peaceful, calming vibe. Wallpapers have come a long way from the boring florals and country chic styles of the past. Interesting textures add warmth and depth to a room, whereas metallic prints make a room feel gilded and posh. Although painting and wallpapering can be a bit messy, neither compares to the mess or cost of demolition and rebuilding walls. 

It doesn’t take much!

Remodeling often focuses on the big things that homeowners want to change about their homes, but don’t underestimate the big impact small changes can make.  Something as simple as changing out the drawer pulls and cabinet handles in your kitchen can change the whole mood of the room. A new faucet in the bathroom can change the space from basic builder grade blah to contemporary and modern bliss. Rearranging living room furniture to change the flow of the space or adding a large mirror can make a traditional floor plan feel more like a modern open floor plan. Painting the trim can transform a room from dull and dingy to bright and cheery. 

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