Medical Build Outs

When it comes time to construct a medical office, even highly experienced medical specialists need some help. Their specialty is in medicine, not construction or design. Turning to an expert in the construction of medical build outs will save time and money while designing and building a medical space.

Experience Matters

The perfect space or location has been found and you are anxious to sign the lease or purchase contract and jump right into building your dream medical space, but before you start building, a pre-lease inspection or pre-purchase inspection is a critical first step. The results of your pre-lease or pre-purchase inspection could shift the negotiations for the sale or lease and save you tens of thousands of dollars.

The next step is planning. The LH Tanner Plan-Build model will prove to be an asset to your build out because they will use their over 20 years of construction experience, plus specific medical build out experience, to help you consider what you need to get from your medical office.

We are ASHE Certified

Building a healthcare facility is different than a typical construction project. Every medical specialty will have different requirements from their physical space. A pediatric office would require waiting areas and exam rooms designed with children in mind, whereas an outpatient surgery center has very specialized needs. Being ASHE Certified (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) means L.H. Tanner professionals have the training needed to understand what is required to build out a medical space.

As important as it is to design your space around your needs as a medical provider, you must also keep in mind that your space should also meet your patients’ needs as well. A poorly designed space that ruins a patient’s experience could cause them to go looking for a different medical provider. Patient experience areas include: waiting room, exam room, rest room, or anywhere the patient will be required to go during the visit. It is also important to accommodate any mobility issues they may experience, including ADA requirements.

Smart Design

A functional space should be the highest priority during the design phase. Making a space look beautiful, while important, shouldn’t override functionality. The placement of the counters, doors, and exam rooms can mean the diference in a more efficient work flow. A good contractor will help strike the right balance between design and function.

Working with a general contractor, like LH Tanner, gives you an advantage, because they use experts who are specifically trained and experienced in medical build-outs. They will help you plan and build a functional and efficient medical space in Brevard or Indian River County.

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