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Green with Envy: Building Energy Smart from the Start

Choosing energy efficient options during construction mode might cost a little more upfront but can save home and business owners tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. If you are considering green construction, take a look at these five ways it pays to go green from the start.

Smart design

Think smart design – this means considering which direction the building and windows face. Good orientation starts with the position of the lot – typically the ideal lot should have the long side facing the north and south, and the short side facing the east and west. 

It is smart to build a “sealed” building envelop. Insulation is important, super insulating the building envelope with insulated doors and windows will keep air from escaping. Consider LEED, or  Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, for your new construction. A LEED certification proves that your building was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance when it comes to the construction, design, operation, and maintenance of green buildings. 

Use high-efficiency appliances

It’s hot here in Central Florida and on the Space Coast. Highly efficient air conditioning and water heating systems cut down drastically on energy usage during the hottest months – and year-round. Think about investing in tankless water heaters and AC returns in each room. Do what you can to have a more energy efficient building.

Invest in solar panels

Solar energy is light and heat from the sun that’s harnessed using technologies. It reduces electricity bills and is a truly renewable energy source. Investments such as solar panels are often offset by incentive programs from power companies. While the initial cost may be high, the savings on your power bill through the years is quite substantial. You should consider upkeep costs if you choose to invest in solar panels.

Light the office with smart bulbs

Instead of regular old bulbs, choose LED and other energy-efficient lighting. These environmentally conscious choices use light more efficiently than incandescent and CFL light. The difference is that LEDs emit light in a specific direction instead of in all directions like than other lighting options.

Conserve water

You’ll need to irrigate your land in Brevard County to make sure the grass has plenty of water to thrive. Consider water reuse or “gray” water systems to conserve both water and money. Gray water is gently used water from bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines.

When you make the decision to build energy smart from the start, you will do more than just reduce your carbon footprint and do what’s right for the planet. Building energy smart is also a cost-saver and value increasing move when it comes to resale.  


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