Pro Tips for Flood Prevention

When it comes to preventing flooding, thinking and planning ahead is where it’s at.

Throughout Brevard, Indian River, Orange, Volusia and Seminole counties, L.H. Tanner Construction works with homeowners associations, city and county parks and other municipal entities, commercial and industrial partners of all sizes to help remediate and prevent flooding and drainage problems. Beyond working to educate, L.H. Tanner’s team is also uniquely positioned to take on projects aimed at resolving existing issues and/or preventing them with thoughtful construction.

As Central Florida moves into the peak of its rainy season, afternoon storms and tropical disturbances increase in regularity and severity. Home and business owners alike, as well as property managers, homeowners associations and local leaders often make the mistake of overlooking easy-to-manage maintenance tasks aimed at preventing flooding issues, until it’s too late.

Case in point, a planned neighborhood community in southern Volusia County experienced water intrusion into several homes last storm season, after a retention pond reached capacity and overflowed. The culprit was embarrassing and preventable – a drainage culvert and grate next to the pond was covered with weed overgrowth and grass clippings.

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At L.H. Tanner, our goal is to avoid situations like these with proper planning and increased awareness. Our team of certified general contractors has put together a list for home and business owners, as well as property managers and homeowners associations, in an effort to help spread the word and reduce potential future damage.

Flood Prevention Tips for Home & Business Owners

  • Use sealants on all exposed or vulnerable seams, cracks and windows
  • Clean gutters – debris such as leaves will keep them from draining water efficiently
  • Make sure sewer drains and nearby grates remain clear
  • Identify low-lying parts of your property, and consider adding rock, French drains, gutters or street-side pop-up valves to divert water away from your property
  • Take a second look at recently-updated flood maps. Following the 2017 hurricane season, FEMA revised flood maps, resulting in new flood insurance requirements for many Central Florida property owners

Flood Prevention Tips for Property Managers & Homeowners Associations

  • Keep culverts cleared and mowed
  • Assess the health of retention ponds on site, clear all overflow drains
  • Waterproof building seams and window seals
  • If in a high-risk area, consider assigning a task force specifically dedicated to the task of making sure drains, grates, and flow pipes stay clear and unobstructed
  • If water overflow has been an issue in the past, call a professional contractor team to assess potential flood preventing upgrades to your existing infrastructure

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