Renovation Resolutions

Renovation Resolutions for the New Fiscal Year

The new fiscal year started on October 1 and that means the time for planning for things like office renovations, business expansion, infrastructure upgrades and more are in the front of business owners’ minds. Planning a budget to accommodate these items takes priority as the spending outlook for the year is fresh.

As you look ahead to your own business renovation resolutions, take a look at these points to ensure you make smart renovation choices.

Aim to save money

If your list of renovations resolutions is pretty lengthy, you will have to narrow it down and focus on what is priority. To start, identify renovations and upgrades that will help your business save money down the road. Consider energy-saving features, such as upgrading your air conditioners, moving to programmable thermostats or even electrical upgrades. These projects are often prioritized differently than expansion-focused upgrades, or projects aimed at fixing failing systems, yet they are equally important and can save a business or organization a lot of money long term.

Educate yourself

Before your Brevard County business decides to delve into parking lot property upgrades or expansions, educate yourself. The Space Coast Economic Development Commission is a solid resource for learning about incentives offered for making certain business improvements and expanding your business or organization. Knowledge is power, so the more you know, the easier it is to decide which renovations you should tackle now.

Research construction companies

Office build-outs and commercial construction are exciting and can vastly improve the state of your business, creating an office space that makes a major impact, attracting clients and employees and better highlighting your company’s brand. Here in Central Florida and the Space Coast, it is vital to find a company that provides value. L.H. Tanner’s Plan-Build method means our team of professionals can handle everything from concept to completion on commercial, industrial and municipal projects of all sizes. L.H. Tanner has multi-generational construction experience and a value engineering approach. The company you choose will make a significant difference in how your renovations are handled; make sure to work with a business that understands your vision and needs.

As you prepare to revamp your office space, turn to an experienced company in the Space Coast area. When you hire experts, they can bring your ideas to life.

What kind of improvements are on your company’s or organization’s list for 2018?

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